No better time to start your Fitness Journey NOW! Our new facility is now open and we would like to offer you a chance to come in, have a look around, meet the caches, ask any question and participate in a WOD (Workout of the Day). If you wish to attend one of our FREE sessions, please email or phone Jeff on 0428333543 to book your spot as places are limited.

Whats In It For You?

There are many benefits to CrossFit training, and more specifically to training with us. These are not limited too although include…

Great social environment

Unlike regular gyms, CrossFit gyms or “Boxes” as we call them, our box provides and nurtures a caring environment in which everyone feels welcome. Our coaches know everyone’s names and there are many friendships that have been forged in the intense fire that is CrossFit. Upon joining our community you become a part of our family, The CrossFit Nitro Family.

Constantly varied and functional

CrossFit prescribes and swears by “constantly varied, functional movements performed at relatively high intensity” But what does that actually mean? Well constantly varied is self explanatory, (always changing). Functional movements are movements that are or mimic things that we do in everyday life, or rather how we SHOULD perform these tasks in everyday life, such as picking up a box, ideally you should squat down with your chest up back tight and lift with your legs. This doesn’t always happen and is often when people injure themselves! By using movements such as squats and dead lifts, we not only re-teach people how they should perform these movements so they can function safely but increase their strength and positioning in said movements. This vastly lowers the risk of injury especially in older people, and provides a tough and stimulating workout that helps you to achieve your goals.

“Relatively high intensity” simply means working out at high intensity relative to your level of fitness. Because of the infinitely scale-able nature of CrossFit, anyone can do it! Regardless of age, fitness level, skills or experience. It doesn’t matter if you are a unconditioned couch potato or a professional athlete, CrossFit is for you! Due to relatively high intensity you will see results FAST.

Fast results

Due to the intense nature of CrossFit coupled with the supportive environment and expert coaching at CrossFit Nitro you can expect to see increases in technique, strength and lean muscle mass. Not only will you see these increases, but decreases in not so desirable areas such as body fat.

What do we mean by fast? Under 3 weeks, well above 95% of our clients see noticeable differences across all aspects of their life in less than 1 MONTH!

Look Amazing

The benefits of physical exercise are huge, but one of the main reasons that people workout, is simply to look and feel better about themselves. CrossFit forges hardened muscles, decreases body fat percentage and increases energy levels. It does have different applications for males and females. I will let some pictures of current CrossFit athletes do the talking…


609854257 crossfit-girls-3b2b85e3-sz612x612-animate


In conclusion, if you want to be fitter, faster, stronger, make friendships with like-minded people come and see us at CrossFit Nitro!

Meet Our Coaches

CrossFit Nitro has a team of three dedicated coaches to help you achieve your fitness goals. Jeff, Sharon and Hayden together bring an array of knowledge in the health and fitness industry. Although, each coach has their individual coaching style, we all work as a team to ensure our clients receive the support  required to succeed. We acknowledge and celebrate not just the impressive PB lifts  but the little wins which build to those PB’s. Performing a handstand for the very fist time is acknowledged as an achievement just as a 10kg PB Clean & Jerk would be. Come on in, say hi and let us show you around our facility. We are always ready to meet new people and extend our Nitro Family!

Nitro’s Program

Here at CrossFit Nitro we offer a unique training regime. We are fortunate to be one a select few affiliates to have invested in providing a professional program. Rob AKA ‘Redbull’ (Head Trainer at RAW Strength and Conditioning) has coached elite athletes to participate at the CrossFit games, yet his program is easily adjusted to suit the beginner to the sport.

RAW Strength and Conditioning was established in 2009 as a sport specific program aimed at achieving results. Since 2009 the RAW program has produced many great regional and games athletes. The program is structured, periodised and covers an equal mix of strength, power,speed, gymnastics and fitness – the whole time focusing on technique and efficiency. After you participate in a RAW session you will see it is very different to you typical CrossFit box programming.

By looking at his extensive profile below, you will agree that this guy knows what he’s talking about and we are confident that with Rob’s programming combined with our coaching we intend to bring out the best in each and every Nitro member!




Aka “Redbull”

Rob 8e8c11_11d54b26b08454ebe3aee5a0e99656af.jpg_256



Education and Qualifications:

B.Chiro Sc

MASTER Chiropractic

CrossFit Level 1 trainer

CrossFit Level 2 (prep)

CrossFit Football

CrossFit Endurance

Australian weightlifting Certified Level 1

Certificate IV in Fitness (2008)

Certificate III in Fitness (2008)

Senior First Aid (2010)

Level 1 Sports Taping, SMA (2004)

Level 1 Sports Trainer SMA (2004)

Level 1 Touch Football Coach (2003)


Sports Chiropractor

Elite Military Background

Personal Trainer (2008-current/

Rugby League and Union (Schoolboys, Panthers-Flegg, West Tigers, Rabbitohs, Eastwood Grade)

Triathlon (QLD Summer Series Winner 2005, Ironman NZ)

Ultra marathon (Blue Water Sand Ultra marathon)

CrossFit Competition Results:

2009-Australian Regionals 4th

2010-Crossfit Gold Coast games 1st

2010-CrossFit Brookvale Games 1st

2010-CrossFit Body M Rise of the Machines 1St

2010-CrossFit Wollongong Games 1St

2010-CrossFit Newcastle made of Steel Challenge 1st

2011 CrossFit Open Australian Region 1st

2011-CrossFit Open Worldwide 9th

2012-3rd Australia’s Strongest Man