What Makes Nitro the Better Choice

Crossfit Nitro has teamed up with some amazing people to ensure that your experience is a great as it can be.



Don’t let your effort go unrewarded! Nitro has teamed up with Myzone to track your training metrics with real time heart rate monitoring and calorie tracking

LiveSorelogo.pngLiveSore is a mentality, philosophy, & lifestyle for those who train at life & “Embrace the Pain” as their badge of honor from the result of strong work! CrossFit Nitro stocks this high quality brand in the collocated shopfront.


CrossFit Nitro has become a registered stockist of Youfoodz Products. Voted Australia’s best food delivery service, select from Youfoodz delicious range of fresh chef prepared meals, snacks and drinks. New items added to the menu every week. You can enjoy your meals. Fresh, mic, pan, press, or oven, the choice is yours.


Since 2012, Zenplanner have been partnering with CrossFit Nitro. With automated billing and payment processing, custom automations, member self-service features, a Member Mobile App, advanced business tools and more, Zenplanner provides comprehensive management of the valued members.