Who will I be training with?

We are very proud of the positive support each of members show to each other. An annual award is presented to our Inspirational athletes, that is, those who help and inspire fellow CrossFitter’s. Here are just some of the comments Nitro members have written about each other when voting for this award.

“Always a positive attitude to training and cheering everyone on, as well as encouraging and forging amazing friendships.”

“Always encouraging and giving great advice and training tips and techniques, as well as cheering others on, while always being humble about his ability.”

 “She always gives 100% even when she’s coming dead last, always counts her reps till the end and keeps us all honest. She’s great to train with as we are on par with our training.”

 “Her determination to be the best has inspired me to take a chance and go for it! She has showed me to never fear and give it a go.”

 “His encouragement during training has been awesome.”

 “She always gives 100% and brings a positive attitude.”

 “He is a machine.”

 “Great at motivating others and has a great drive.”

 “Shows how far you can progress and push yourself. Always encouraging others.”

 “Very inspiring, supportive and trains hard.”

 “Always supportive and helpful.”

  “Always gives 110% and brings a good atmosphere to the box.”

 “Just started but already gives his all, great team spirit.”

 “She’s very strong, has the will of iron to smash every WOD at her very best.”

  “She gets in and has a go.”

 “He brings a great atmosphere to the box.”

 “She makes all members feel welcome. Encourages everyone and also celebrates my small wins.” 

     “Always trying to do his best, very friendly and helpful.”

 “Cause she is a great sport, always brings a smile to the box and gives her all.”

 “Quiet achiever, always friendly, hard worker.”

 “Through all her struggles she still manages to come to CrossFit.”

 “Gives everything in every workout no matter what.”

“Very inspiring, always here, always gives 100%.”

 “Always pushing others on, and positive attitude.” 

**These are the type of people you will be training along side!**